Saturday, May 01, 2010

How In the World Can It Possibly Be May Already?

I won't complain that time is flying, because May means that it can't possibly snow again, and there is only one week left of class, and my anniversary is literally right around the corner, and I will soon be the mother of a 2-year-old. And it's been so long since I posted a picture that you might have forgotten what Harry looks like:

The best $10 we've spent recently was this igloo tent fron IKEA. The best $40 we've spent recently was on new pillows, and since Harry has finally/again/thank heavens slept through the night recently, we're really enjoying them.

This sleep thing has been almost a full-time job lately. After cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night six times in two weeks, I was finally told to try him on children's Benadryl, and when that only helped a little bit with the nighttime coughing and postnasal drainage and subsequent puking, we were switched to children's Zyrtec. Miracle of miracles, Harry slept from 8:45 until 6 on Thursday night, and he only woke up once last night, and briefly, when he rolled off of his mattress and onto the floor. (Don't worry - it's a six-inch drop.)

If Kevin wasn't sick, I could say we're all feeling 100% better now that we've had a few good nights' sleep. Maybe I'll be able to say that in the next post. . .

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