Monday, May 03, 2010


Harry was playing in Kevin's and my closet today while I put away laundry, and he found a pack of socks. Kevin bought three packs, like, a year ago and kept these six pairs around for some sort of Sock Armageddon, I'm sure, or a time in the future when I've gone, say, three weeks without washing whites and he's suddenly fresh out of socks. Regardless, Harry opened the bag and dumped the socks out by holding the package upside down and repeatedly jerking it up and down. I, of course, did not pick up the socks, and when Kevin came home from work he grabbed two socks off the floor and put them right on. While we were having dinner tonight, Kevin said, "If I was really rich, I would wear new socks every day."

This got me thinking: What crazy-ridiculous thing would I do if money was no object, a la Howard Hughes? (Are you dying to know?) I would never wash a bra again. I would have an entire bureau full of them, and I'd get rid of them after, say, five wears. And I would buy every color Sharpie, just because it takes every ounce of my willpower not to buy them every time I cruise the office supply aisle.

And so, Dear Reader, your frivolous confession?

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Anonymous said...

That's a tough question. I TOTALLY agree with you on the bras, though. I would also buy uber expensive bras, too, just because I could;) I would buy every craft/pattern book I could find without even looking at the price tag. I would need to build a library addition onto the house for all those books, but damn would it be worth it!