Friday, April 16, 2010

Constant Entertainment

I watch quite a bit less TV since Harry was born. Kevin and I are still keeping up on The Office (our old favorite), Community (our new favorite), and Lost (because Season 1 was awesome and we've invested too much time in it not to watch the last few episodes). The bulk of my entertainment now, though, comes from Harry.

Sometimes it's adorable, like when he kept yelling "Snow White!" to our waitress at the little sandwich place down the street last night. He was genuinely upset when she disappeared into the kitchen, and called "Wo-white!"

And sometimes I have to hear about something secondhand, but that doesn't make it any less funny. Yesterday my parents were bringing Harry home when they stopped at the ATM machine. Harry did the only sensible thing one does when a moving car stops next to a building and the window is rolled down: ask for French fries.

Finally, there's this little number:

And FYI, the new rug covers up a big ol' vomit spot from last week.

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