Wednesday, April 07, 2010

If 4 Out of 5 Dentists Recommend Dentyne. . .

. . . then why can't I find two "experts" who agree on the best way to help my child sleep?

Harry had an unscheduled visit with his pediatrician, Dr. B., yesterday to discuss sleep issues. We've been fighting the good fight since Thanksgiving, and to our credit Harry has only slept in bed with us three times. We stick to his bedtime routine, we have a consistent bedtime, Harry takes a decent nap every day, and we are really conscious (I think) of his moods and needs. Dr. B. assured me we're doing all the right things and just need to make a few adjustments (read: no rocking Harry to sleep at naptime, or staying in the room until he's asleep). I've done a lot of reading on the subject of getting Baby to sleep well, and opinions range from "Of course you should rock Baby to sleep, you idiot!" to "Never rock Baby to sleep, you idiot!" There are an awful lot of people who fall between those two ends of the spectrum, too, and I think I need to figure out where Kevin, Harry, and I fit and then really commit to better sleep for the whole family. Dr. B. recommended a book on pediatric sleep issues, which I will be reading in the car as we drive to Cincinnati tomorrow.

Dr. B. also recommended I read up on "spirited children." Apparently, this is the new, PC label: old labels for the same "type" of child include strong-willed or stubborn. For all of my frustrations and challenges as a mother, (many of which are more on me than Harry), I think Harry is actually a very good kid. He's sweet and smart and funny and brave. And he helped me make cookies today: his very first baking adventure.

Turns out this was actually a great idea (score one for Kate). It combined many of Harry's favorite things: noise, pouring, and standing on a chair.

Lime sugar cookies for Kevin to take to a Spring-themed lunch at work:

Trying out the finished product:

And deciding he doesn't really care for our cookies:

All's the better: more for everyone else.

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