Monday, November 02, 2009

You Suck, Daylight Savings

This is the second morning of daylight savings, which means it is the second morning that I've gotten up before 5:30. I am literally so tired that I'm nauseous. It's only 7:15 and I have already done the following:
  • Given Harry his milk
  • Changed a poopy diaper in the dark because I thought maybe Harry would go back to sleep
  • Watched 10 minutes of Aladdin
  • Watched 10 minutes Yellow Submarine
  • Stopped Harry from going into our room to wake up Kevin three times
  • Allowed Harry to go into our room to wake up Kevin
  • Fed Harry breakfast
  • Put back all the towels Harry pulled out of the bathroom cupboard
  • Read three Curious George stories
  • Checked my email (Hey, Frances!)
  • Eaten breakfast

1 comment:

frances said...

it fills me with glee to be mentioned in a post with the tag "poop."