Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello, Walls

I bought an easel for Harry last week at IKEA. It is a chalkboard on one side and dry-erase surface on the other. It also has a handy post on which to load a gigantic roll of paper: good news, since I'm not about to let Harry use chalk indoors or dry-erase markers anywhere, and the paper makes the easel suitable for crayons.

As I was buying said easel in Cincinnati, Kevin was at home putting a few coats of white paint on the door and surrounding trim of our guest bedroom. This is, as it happens, where we've decided to keep Harry's easel.

After Harry went down for his nap this afternoon, Kevin and I were sitting on the couch, him watching football and me knitting. It was then that Kevin noticed baby scribbles all over the door frame. Streaks in multiple bright colors, all somewhere between the floor and Harry's eye level.

As disappointed as I am in Crayola's claim that their crayons "easily wash off walls with warm water and a sponge" I am equally thankful for Magic Erasers. And I resolve to be ever vigilant when Harry wields crayons from henceforth.

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