Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Bluegrass State

I'm happy to report that nine hours in the car with Harry was not that bad. Having another adult in the car to share the driving and child-entertaining responsibilities with was definitely the deciding factor, and I cannot say enough good things about portable DVD players.

We rolled into Kentucky late enough that my niece had been in bed for hours and I couldn't actually tell what my sister's new house looks like, but all was revealed in the morning. Lydia is as adorable as ever, and Kristi has done a really nice job decorating.

The whole family (minus Kevin, who stayed home to have a bachelor weekend of beer, fried chicken, football, and home improvement projects) went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday. (Can you spot my pumpkin amidst the sea of pumpkins?)

Harry and Lydia in the rare photo when they're both looking in the direction of the camera:

On Sunday we went to the Lexington Explorium, an amazing children's museum. Harry, of course, headed immediately for the truck. Below is one moment when Harry and Lydia weren't competing for control of the steering wheel.

Mom and I drove home with Harry yesterday, and I made my first ever stop at IKEA. I realize how provincial this makes me look, but I hope I get some credit for spending less than $70 and eating only half of a cinnamon bun.

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Max and Mandy said...

You and your sister's kids are so cute. Looks like they get well. So happy you got to visit her. How'd you like IKEA? Never had been to one until we moved here, then I developed a love-hate relationship with it! Take care!