Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Another weekend trip to the local nature center, which always produces some good pictures. . .

The (expensive) backpack carrier we bought last spring. Harry did eventually get in, but Kevin carried it empty half the time.

Harry found the fountain in the butterfly garden. He was only mildly wet, so I consider that successful. He did scream bloody murder when we moved on, and I hope he doesn't remember how to find the fountain next time.

It was also the last day for the barn, so we checked out the animals. This is the only picture I took in which they sheep weren't ramming heads.

And finally a trip inside. I wanted Harry to color with me, but he had other ideas. He's been going nuts for colored pencils and sidewalk chalk lately, but this coloring session lasted about 30 seconds.

The best thing about spending the afternoon at the nature center is that there is no reasonable expectation that I will be cooking dinner. And everybody likes leftover takeout ribs, right?

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