Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clearing the Hard Drive

There are too many good pictures of Harry on my hard drive right now. This is Harry thinking someone is sneaking up behind him:

(No one is.)

This is Harry standing on the couch in his button-down shirt, which I think makes him look like a tiny old man:

And finally, Harry's first visit to the nature center:

It will be the first of many, because we shelled out the big bucks for a year's membership. After we realized that there are no paved trails, we decided to spend a little more money on a hiking baby carrier. I do hope Kevin realizes he will be the one hiking with another person on his back. And no, I don't have some horrible neck rash: Harry has learned how to pinch.


Bria said...

his smile slays me!! his expression is just the perfect combination of you and kevin for maximum cuteness! i hope you are all doing well!!

Max and Mandy said...

Your blog is wonderful! Harry is so adorable and I'm sure you're a great Mom! Keep in touch.