Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dear Me Last Week

If I could write myself a letter, from the future, about our trip to Salt Lake City, it would go something like this. . .

Dear Kate,

Don't worry. You
will make it to the airport on time. In fact, you will be three hours early, so pack another book for Harry. He will not sleep for more than 30 minutes on the airplane, but one wonderful flight attendant will shower him with attention and he will happily eat little cereal puffs and learn to drink out of a sport-top water bottle. The flight home will be fine, too.

Kevin will ski at three mountains over four days but will take a day off in the middle of it all to spend an afternoon with you and Harry in Temple Square, and Harry will be enchanted with the sound of his own voice in the Tabernacle.

Frances will find a delicious recipe and you will watch her bake Frances Cake while you feed and play with Harry. Everyone else on the ski trip, even those who may not be too excited about sharing a house with an 8-month-old, will comment on its deliciousness.

Another skier, who my dad still refers to as his Fairy God-Neighbor though he has not lived down the street from her in five years, will buy Harry new books on her day off of skiing. All three books are very popular, of course, because you are raising Harry to be a voracious reader. Good job, by the way!

You will order a children's meal at Joe's Crab Shack, but the humiliation of doing so is far outweighed by your relief at finding something -
anything - on the menu that is not seafood. And you'll be eating there with Frances, who is one of your favorite people in the whole world, and Kevin, who is another one of those people, and when you get home there is a strawberry daiquiri waiting for you.

So, good trip. Relax and enjoy.



Kat said...

Sounds heavenly-wish I was there.....oh,wait....I was! It was a good trip and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of you and my exceptional grandson. Love,Mom

Jill Nawrocki said...

i saw frances' blog, so at least i know you made something delicious. hope the rest of the trip with harry and husband went just as smoothly! safe travels:)

frances said...

hurrah for trips to utah! come back soon, please!