Monday, February 23, 2009

Counting My Blessings

It's been a little bit tougher lately for me to be grateful, what with a baby who doesn't really nap, a job that haunts me because my office is also my living room, and a chemistry class that I kind of loathe.

Of course, with a slight attitude adjustment, I can convince myself to be thankful for that list. I have a baby who desperately wants to play with and be near me all day long, and because I work from home I have the ability to play with and be near him all day long, provided I don't mind working after he (finally) goes to bed. I'm not quite as confident about my positive spin on chemistry, but there is a certain sense of empowerment and I-did-it-ness that comes from finally (and I mean "finally", like, two hours later) understanding how to convert from moles of hydrogen to grams of oxygen.

And, of course, there are also parts of my life that are simple for which to be grateful. Like playing in the snow with Harry.

After last week's melt we were graced with a few more inches of snow Saturday night. It would be embarrassing to live where we do and not have any pictures of Harry in the snow, so Kevin and I bundled up ourselves and Harry for a 15-minute adventure. (And I did spend a whopping $18 dollars on a second-hand snowsuit, so let's get our use out of it, right?)

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