Friday, February 27, 2009

Trapped In My Office

I just reread my last post and thought, "When was I so positive? That's not like me at all!"

I'm feeling much more like my old negative self right now. Kevin has been sick for three weeks, Harry had a fever of 102 last night, and I can hardly swallow because now I'm coming down with their crud.

I've been typing like a madwoman all evening because I had a sick baby to take care of all day who would not take a nap anywhere but on my lap, and I just typed a report on a patient, a young mom with three kids: bless her.

I thought the doctor gave her some truly excellent advice: walk outside 15 minutes every evening while her husband watches the kids and cleans up after dinner. The doctor, who I am loving more and more, said something to the effect of, "She essentially cannot get away from her job. I think she needs to find herself again, and maybe this will allow her to begin to heal." Amen, Doctor.

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