Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Week, Right?

Last week was amazing. It saw the return of Harry sleeping through the night in his own crib, the beginning of baby food beyond rice cereal, a visit from Kevin's cousin's family after three years in Japan, and, if that wasn't enough, a Bob Dylan concert.

After cutting his first two teeth in mid-October, Harry got a little too used to sleeping in bed with me and Kevin. Moving him back was almost as bad as the teething. We could get him down for the first and last hours of his night but always ended up letting him come back with us between, say, 10 and 5 just so we could get some sleep. Since Monday we've had excellent luck. Harry's going to bed, waking up once after an hour or two just to make sure we're still around, and then sleeps until at least 6.

Maybe he's finally over the pain of his initial teething, or maybe feeding him more solid food really does help. I was never inclined to believe that solid food would help a baby sleep better, and I've seen plenty of medical professionals deny that claim, but Harry's been having two meals a day this week. I'm excited that he's moving on to different foods, but I'm also going to brag here and tell you that I've been making his baby food with the exception of cereal.

I found a great website while I was pregnant and printed off a dozen recipes each for vegetables and fruit. Harry had homemade sweet potatoes for the first time last weekend and moved on to acorn squash a few days ago. I attempted to make green peas this morning while Harry took a nap, but my little food processor, which handled earlier foods like a champ, cannot stand up to pea skins. I was warned that this would probably happen, but the baby was asleep, the laundry was under control, and I had no transcription waiting, so I gave it a shot.

Finally, Bob Dylan. What can I say? We got there early, staked out our spot in front of the stage, and stood around for an hour. Maybe I'm old, but my back already hurt by the time the concert started. I got over it when he started the show with "Maggie's Farm." I also felt old when the trio of guys next to me were trying to figure out how they could get beer without IDs, but the incredible number of gray- and even white-haired people in the (more expensive) seats helped me feel like maybe I wasn't quite ready for prescription shoes and support hose.

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