Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quirky Ol' Me

Frances has tagged me to list six personal quirks. I know what you're thinking: only six?

1. Toilet paper must be hung overhand, so that the end comes from the wall over the top, hanging closer to the individual and farther from the wall.

2. I do not eat artificially blue food. For example, blue M&Ms do not pass these lips. There is no "good" reason for this, by the way, such as a fear of the chemicals involved.

3. I count my steps. I count the number of stairs in a flight as I climb or descend. I count the number of steps I take in one sidewalk square (average: 1.5). I count the number of steps between my car and the door to my destination. Granted, I do this a lot less often now, usually only when I am sans baby.

4. I am obsessive about putting "dishwasher-safe: top rack only" items on the top rack and have been known to raise my voice if someone else violates this rule.

5. I can carry on entire conversations quoting lines from Dumb and Dumber and The Office, assuming Kevin is the person with whom I'm having said conversation.

6. I live for Post-It notes, and if my personal budget would allow it, I would buy a pack every time I'm at the grocery store or office supplier.

There you go. I tag Alison and Tamara to list six personal quirks. Inspired by Frances, I encourage you to let me know which quirks I've failed to list. (Cringe.)

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