Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clean Getaway

Two nights away from home, and we did it without any major messes- and yes, we took the baby with us. Kevin, Harry, and I left after work Friday and drove to Grandma's, our home base for the weekend. We visited a little and put Harry to bed way past his bedtime, but he slept much better than he has in about 10 days. Saturday morning we had breakfast with Kevin's old friend and best man at our wedding and his wife. Their first baby is due next month, so we told appropriately pleasant baby stories and took them some gifts we've been collecting.

Kevin and his dad went to a college football game at noon, and I went back to spend a nice, quiet, visity (it's a word) afternoon with my grandmother. We talked, took Harry for a walk, and ate pecan pie. Aren't grandmas magical?

I then met Kevin at his parents' house, where we had dinner with them, as well as Kevin's sister, brother-in-law, and 2-year-old nephew, Austin. Kevin is perhaps Austin's favorite person right now, so I let Harry show off for everyone else while Kevin and Austin played trains, cars, et cetera.

Sunday morning we went out to breakfast with Kevin's parents, visited another friend on our way out of town, and made it home in pretty good time and with absolutely nothing that had to be attacked with Shout Advanced gel. The only thing I smell is success.

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