Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Too Shabby, Baby!

My dear friend Frances announced a creative contest for Shabby Apple. (Have I used up my daily allotment of hyper links?) So, below is my ensemble composed of dream pieces from Shabby Apple. . .

Five months after the birth of Harrison, I am now (finally) back to my pre-pregnancy weight. To celebrate, I reward myself with a little black dress to replace the yoga pants and T-shirts that I've lived in since May 20.This satchel moves me, EXCITES me, allowing me to dream of a day when I no longer carry a ten-pound diaper bag the size of a small suitcase.

The shoes are a gift to myself for nine hours of labor. I put them on with a sigh of relief, because when I was nine months pregnant I truly did not believe my ankles would ever look like anything other than marshmallows ever again.
The gorgeous bracelet represents motherhood for me as perhaps nothing else can: with a 5-month-old with me nearly 24 hours a day, earrings are impractical (ouch!) and a necklace is too easy a target. A chunky, and close-fitting bracelet, on the other hand, is about as close to baby proof as jewelry gets. I love dangly, sparkly earrings and beautiful, beaded necklaces as much as the next girl, but I also love being close to my baby, and no ornament is going to come between me and Harrison.
Voila. My vignette: A new mother reborn and redesigned as she regains her body and, as her baby reaches 5 months of age, she's ready for her first fancy date with her husband since they started their family.

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