Thursday, October 30, 2008

ISO: King-Size Bed

Harry cut his first teeth (that's right, plural) last week, and two sharp little nubs popped up Friday. It explained the excessive drooling of September and the incredibly bad sleep of October. Now that the teeth are through the gums, Kevin and I had this crazy idea that maybe Harry would go back to his crib instead of sleeping in our bed at night, but that idea was indeed crazy.

I never thought I would refer to a queen-size bed as small, but with two adults, a 5-month-old, and a cat, things are getting crowded. Maybe I'm warmer than Kevin, or maybe I smell like dinner, but Harry snuggles onto my side of the bed 90% of the time. I also have a sneaking suspicion that when Kevin gets up to walk or change Harry, he puts the baby back down on my side. I can't prove it, though, so Kevin's off the hook for the time being.

Of course, I feel for Harry. Sharp (and believe me, they're sharp!) little teeth, two at time, no less, are slicing through his pink baby gums. He's had a few doses of Tylenol, and I'm pretty liberal with the chamomile teething drops. I have half a dozen teething rings chilled in the refrigerator, and I'm still letting him chew on my fingers despite those new teeth.

BTW, anybody have good teething advice? Stuff you've tried, or know your parents used with you? All advice will be considered, trust me!

Hopefully no other teeth are lurking just below the surface and we can try to get back to Harry sleeping in his crib, or at least through the night in our bed, before we have another teething marathon.

No picture this time, but as soon as those little chompers show up in pictures, you'll see what we've been dealing with around our house. And if you're feeling picture deprived, don't worry: use my sidebar to head over to Flickr, or just wait until the weekend, because I'm sure to post a Halloween picture or two.

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