Friday, October 31, 2008


Harry's first Halloween, complete with a hand-me-down pumpkin costume from his cousin, Lydia:I also took this picture earlier in the evening, and I think he looks like a tiny Hannibal Lecter, or maybe Mini-Me:
Kevin and I took turns passing out candy. I estimated around 60 trick-or-treaters this year, which surprised me. The weather was perfect tonight, and I think we had almost 60 kids last year when it was icky-cold-wet. Our favorite trickster was Lydia, of course, who came by with her parents on their way to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

I'll take the opportunity here to post my three favorite things I heard tonight from the trick-or-treaters:

1) "You're beautiful!" Said to me by a little girl dressed up like the devil. Heartwarming compliment, or prelude to some sort of pact?

2) "My little sister is slow, so don't shut the door, okay?"

3) Boy: "I don't eat suckers."
Mom: "Yeah, but who gets all the suckers when we get home?"
Boy: "Dad."
Dad: (Nods approvingly.)

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