Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Face Lift

Nothing Fancy got a face lift today. It's a little more user-friendly, in my humble opinion, what with the more complete archive and whatnot. Also, my Post-Baby Reading List now appears in the sidebar, so no need to search archives to find out what I've been reading. Some (okay, most) of my old sidebar links are gone. Some will be back as time permits, others will be updated, and a lonely few are gone for good. While had many lovely widgets, I just plain old do not listen to music online any longer. So as cool as my artist quilt and play list were, I felt like a poseur leaving them on my blog when I in fact haven't frequented my account in months. I fear that my sidebar will soon be populated entirely by breastfeeding resources and discount baby gear sites, but that's the risk you run, Dear Reader, if you choose to follow Nothing Fancy. . .

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