Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Baby Is Leaking

Not my best trip to the mall today.

I have a gift card to use at Sears to buy something for Harry, from a distant relative who actually works at Sears in South Carolina. It was very sweet of her to send it, and I was (still am) looking forward to using it. Sears was even having some really good sales today, but they had literally nothing in Harry's size. Everything I liked was available in newborn, 6/9 months, 9/12 months, and 18 months, inconveniently skipping 3/6 months. So, the gift card remains in my wallet.

I then proceeded to stroll Harry down to Macy's, who doesn't carry nursing bras. Macy's, people, one of the largest department stores in the country (and the largest department store in my local mall). I thought it was hip and trendy and Hollywood to breastfeed, so I find it unbelievable that Macy's doesn't carry nursing bras. Thinking I may have overlooked them, I asked a clerk, who informed me that they "don't have room" to carry them. She also said I was the first person to ever ask about nursing bras, so either it's her first day on the job or I am the only breastfeeding mother in this metropolis.

Finally, Harry pooped out of his diaper again in his car seat, but because he didn't cry or fart, I didn't know and therefore could not stop and change him before it became a mess. He was wearing what I believe is his most awesome outfit and, to complete the trip, I lost one of his socks somewhere between the mall and my front door.

Bonus: As I write this, Harry gleefully squeals at his mobile from his crib. I check on him mid-post and give the mobile another wind-up only to find that he has spit up on the shirt I just put him in after removing the poopy one five minutes ago. (Sigh). Motherhood.


Bria said...

You might need to have a "poop" tag for your blog entries! I'm sensing a theme...

Is he still sleeping through the night for you? How big is he now? I hope you're doing well, in spite of the leakiness!

Kate said...

That's a winner of an idea! I'm going to retroactively tag a few posts and then keep "poop" among my most used tags!