Monday, September 22, 2008

Stuff I Miss, and Stuff I Love

I'm having one of THOSE days. You know, where you just feel blah for no apparent reason, and something that wouldn't bother you normally is a really big deal now. Today that something is my hair: I hate it. I need a haircut. I've needed a haircut for about two weeks. I want to get a haircut, but I'm taking care of Harry. So, things I miss:

1. Being able to go get a haircut as soon as my hair really starts to bother me, instead of planning it a week in advance so I can get one of the much-coveted evening appointments while Kevin watches Harry or guiltily asking my mom to provide yet another hour of free childcare while I get it done during the day. Really, doing anything on the spur of the moment is something I miss.

2. Taking a shower in the morning. This just does not happen anymore, since Kevin has dibs on the before-work shower on weekdays. I look forward to my evening bath or shower because it provides some me-time and a chance to decompress after a long day, but does hair ever really look right after it's been slept on?

3. Finishing a movie/meal/blog post in one sitting. Granted, finishing a meal has gotten easier, but that's only because Kevin and I are both getting much better at eating one handed. We watched No Country for Old Men last week, and it took us almost the entire week.

And now, because I'm trying to be mindful of and grateful for the positive things in my life, stuff I love:

1. Harry. Everything about him, from his smiles and coos to his ability to roll over (but only on his left side).

2. The incredibly easy and very delicious chicken pot pie that we're having for dinner tonight. Recipe courtesy of Mom, crusts courtesy of Sara Lee.

3. My blog. I had no idea when I started how cathartic it would be to put all of this out there on the internet. I think if I wasn't able to post a few grumbles now and then, I'd have a lot of pent up frustration. Also, adding to my blog always reminds me to check friends' blogs, letting me feel like I haven't completely lost touch with the grown-up world.

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