Friday, April 11, 2008

When It Rains

I was going for a blog entry title that was multipurpose:

1. We're having crazy weather here, just unbelievable amounts of rain, which is making me very nervous about the leak in the garage roof. So far we've only had to sacrifice some of the drywall from the garage ceiling, but the water is coming a little too close to the house for my comfort. It seems as though a trip to Lowe's is in order tonight. Hopefully whatever quick fix Kevin has in mind will hold us until drier, warmer weather.

2. A baby shower with 50 invitees invariably leads to a baby shower with almost 40 guests. On the pro side, tons of baby stuff and seeing lots of people. On the con side, too many baby clothes and only two pieces of leftover cake.

I kind of wish we could have had two smaller baby showers. I can't stand being the center of attention for that large a group, and I also felt like I didn't make enough rounds to say hello to and catch up with people. Also, my mother-in-law invited people to the shower that I had never met, which was awkward for me. They all knew who I was, since I was the only obviously pregnant woman in the room, but I had to avoid making eye contact while opening some gifts because I had no clue who I was supposed to be looking at with appropriate gratitude in my eyes.

As far as gifts go, I was amazed to only receive one duplicate gift. Of course, only half of the guests actually shopped off of our baby registry, so that really cut down on the chances for repeat gifts. I exchanged a few things at the local Babies R Us on Tuesday, and when I mentioned to the cashier that we'd been inundated with baby clothes, she said, "You must be having a girl!" When I explained that we're actually expecting a boy, she seemed shocked. The experience of having a baby shower has only made me more determined to buy practical gifts off of registries. It might not be sexy, but at least people are getting what they need.

I totally understand where everyone was coming from, though: baby clothes are usually too cute to pass on, and they're definitely more fun to buy than sheets and breast milk storage bags. Either way, Kevin and I were blown away by everyone's generosity and amazed when we fit everything but the stroller into the car.

Said car actually broke down within 30 minutes of leaving town and heading for home. According to the owner's manual, a constant "check engine" light means that the car is drivable but will require service at our earliest convenience. Unfortunately, we had a flashing "check engine" light. Translation: Eminent danger. This resulted in stopping at the only gas station in a tiny 'burb, calling a tow, and then calling my dad, who thankfully was staying in town for a few more days. After loading all of the baby presents into a second car, the tow finally arrived and took our car back to town. Kevin and I took the borrowed car home and Dad brought our car the next night, after the ignition coil had been replaced and the fuel injection system cleaned. Not the cheapest car repair we've ever had, especially when you factor in the $90 tow, but at least we both made it home Sunday to be at work Monday.

Totally boring, I know, but it's all one thing after another, right?

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