Thursday, April 03, 2008

T Minus Two Days to Baby Shower

That's right, only two days until the baby shower. Of course, that means a three-hour drive back to our hometown and 48 solid hours of friends and family. I'm so excited to see people, especially my sister and her family, who are making a seven-hour drive, but I'm a little apprehensive about being the center of attention at the baby shower. We're doing one big shower, Kevin's friends/family and my friends/family, so we don't have to make two separate trips, but the guest list has somehow ballooned to almost 40 people. Kevin's mom assured me that her list was inflated due to "courtesy invites," but apparently many of those people felt inclined to come to the shower. The more the merrier: I just hope there's enough cake and everyone's prepared to sit through a significant number of presents being opened. I'm already having anxiety about how we're going to fit generous gifts in the car. There's a checklist in my head of which items MUST COME HOME NOW and what could be left with Kevin's parents to be delivered on their next visit to our corner of the world.

Besides the shower, we're packing our weekend with: Saturday breakfast with Kevin's best friend from high school and his wife; Saturday dinner/picnic with Kevin's family, many of whom are coming from out of state; and Sunday with my family, plans TBA. Knowing us as well as I do, plans probably include "brunch" of leftover cake (or new a cake!) and watching my niece be adorable. I also have a strong hunch that I will need to work in a nap or two. At 32-almost-33 weeks, fatigue has become an issue, as have insomnia and the return of nausea. Aside from first-trimester morning sickness, a little sciatica, and a very short bout with heartburn, I think I've been really lucky with this pregnancy. Hopefully the streak continues: fingers crossed!

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