Thursday, January 17, 2008

Old News

So by now everyone who may read this blog is aware that Kevin and I pregnant and expecting a boy in May. To that end, our 20-week ultrasound pictures are available here.

Obviously, family and close friends are excited for us, but I've been so surprised how excited everyone gets about a baby. Kevin's coworkers set up a baby pool ridiculously early. A former coworker sent a bag of her son's clothes to a soccer game, which Kevin excitedly brought home on Tuesday. Today, a girl from my Human Physiology class showed up with not one but two bags of her son's clothes and offers to take me to her local mom-to-mom sale this spring. Some of my fellow twice-monthly local knitters were waiting with baby patterns in hand, only needing to know if they should buy pink or blue yarn. I'm also being showered with advice, most of it unsolicited but also most of it useful. My favorite advice so far has been, "Make him wear shoes even before he's walking, or he'll never keep them on when he has to."


Alison Kay said...

how exciting! that is so awesome that you have so many people willing to help and give away stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, is everyone having kids these days? It seems like everyone I know is/was pregnant in the past couple of years. Did I miss the memo?