Saturday, September 01, 2012

It's About Time, Harper Louise!

Forty-one weeks is a long time to be pregnant. Even so, I was still a little apprehensive about having my labor induced on Thursday. Would the Pitocin work, kick-starting my labor? (Yes.) Would it send me into active labor quickly? (Yes.) Would I break down and get an epidural? (Yes.) Would I do the same thing I did with Harry, which was to decide I was ready to push and then literally be waiting for the doctor to get her gloves on so someone was ready to catch the baby, because I am just that awesome when it comes to pushing? (Yes.)

Harper Louise arrived at 1:59 pm on Thursday, August 30th, almost exactly six hours after Kevin and I showed up for our 8 am induction. 

One of her first portraits: 

Day 2 -- Pinker and happier:

Day 3 -- Home with her big brother:

We are so lucky to have had two uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, and especially thankful for our healthy little ones.

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