Sunday, August 26, 2012

Due Date +3

Baby girl is three days overdue now. I had an appointment on Thursday, which was our due date, and everything looks great: there's a good level of amniotic fluid, she's still head down, her heartbeat is appropriate, and I'm still feeling tons of movement. I get to go back into the office tomorrow for a couple of hours so I can have a non-stress test to monitor fetal heart rate, an ultrasound to recheck the fluid level, and a quick check with the physician's assistant.

It's just astounding to me how much more uncomfortable I am since passing the 40-week mark and moving towards week 41. Sleep is nearly impossible at night (too hot, have to pee, can't get comfortable) but all too tempting during the day. Playing with Harry requires a lot of forethought (if I get down on the floor with him, how long will it take me to get up again, and how long can I sit down here before stiffening up completely?) and I hate how lazy it makes me feel to just sit on the couch while he plays Hot Wheels. He has been in a really good "read to me" phase the last few weeks, so that has definitely helped.

Part of me is really hoping that I get recommended for induction. Of course, a bigger part of me is hoping to go into labor naturally tonight or tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed, everybody. . . I just don't want to go back in to work Monday night!

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