Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's a Really Big Deal

Well, my excuse for not blogging in almost two months is thus: potty training.

It has been a l-o-n-g time coming at our house, but in the last few months Harry started going potty at school, then slowly working on it at home, and now we are at the point where we are running errands with underwear instead of Pull-Ups. It's scary for me, mostly because of the time Harry peed buckets in the shoe section of Kohls, but Harry is always really excited to be wearing underwear, and we've been away from the house for almost two hours sometimes without an accident. He's not scared to go to the bathroom away from home, which I had been really worried about, and he has this awesome habit of commenting loudly on how clean/stinky/noisy/busy said restroom is.

And we have a whole new subject for hilarity in our family:

  • One of the cars in his train set is the "potty train."
  • He yells "It's an emergency!" when we have to hurry from one end of the grocery store to the other for a potty break.
  • Harry wiggles his hips back and forth after he pees, and wants to wash his hands before pulling his pants back up.
  • Every time he poops, he looks at it and says, "What did I eat?" and when he has Superman ice cream, he tells everyone, "This makes my poop green."
It's so amazing to me that Harry really just had to decide he was ready, and we just had to be patient and not force it.

And I'm saving about thirty bucks a month on Pull-Ups, y'all. Big win.

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