Monday, April 11, 2011

Wait. . . it's April?

Where did March go? Seriously. What happened? I guess things are happening a little too fast around here.

My internship is almost over. I'm in blood bank right now, which is pretty awesome. I kind of forgot how many different tests there were. It's not just types A, B, O, and AB. Well, those are the only blood types, but there are so many other tests: antigens, antibodies, crossmatching donor blood for patients, and the odd tests thrown into the department for no apparent reason, like mono.

And Harry will be 3 next month, so you know time is flying. Speaking of birthdays, my nephew turned 2 last week, and we celebrated this weekend. My sister brought her two adorable kids to town, and my brother-in-law came in a day later from a conference. Ny nephew's birthday cake had blue and green icing, which explains this:

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