Sunday, October 31, 2010

You Can Leave Your Hat On (the Hat Rack)

When your child does not tolerate hats, it really limits your choices of Halloween costume. In fact, I came up with zero ideas that Harry would like that didn't involve a hat, so I got every other thing a cowboy might need.

Harry's Aunt Kristi found genuine Toy Story cowboy boots at a mom-to-mom sale and I made a quick little vest out of flannel and calico, stuck fringe down the seams of his jeans with double-sided garment tape, and picked up a red bandana. Maybe a tin star would have been the cherry on top, but I think overall this is the best hatless cowboy costume I've seen: yee-haw.

Harry, posing, and trying to put the outdoor thermometer sensor in his ear. I think he thought it was part of Kevin's iPod.

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