Sunday, January 03, 2010

Never-Ending Holiday

It was an extended Christmas this year, beginning on the 18th in our hometown, spending time with my grandmother, aunt, parents, cousin, and cousin's kids, as well as Kevin's sister's family, and ending on New Year's Day when Kevin's parents came to visit.

Christmas with my grandma means bread pudding (yum), and, as I've gotten older, Drinks. This year Kevin unvented a drink from a recipe on the back of a bottle of Malibu. It was pretty tasty, and feel free to try it yourself: equal (large) parts 7-Up and Malibu with a dash of cran-raspberry juice. And with three kids and seven adults in a two-bedroom condo, liquor can only make things better.

Christmas itself was spent at home, rising around 5:30 because that's just when Harry likes to get up lately, and my parents came over for lunch so Kevin and I could hook up the Wii than Santa (okay, I) got for Kevin. Turns out it was really for me. I've been on the Wii Fit every day since Christmas and am one pound closer to my 10-pound weight loss goal. All I can say is this: Rhythm Kung-Fu, people.

My sister, after working the night shift in the hospital, drove with her husband, 2-year-old daughter, and 8-month-old son for six hours to spend a wonderful long weekend with us and my parents. She should have been (and likely was exhausted), but since I don't have a picture of her looking frazzled and ready to crash, here's one of me:

This is kind of why I don't have two kids. Obviously, I need the free hand that one child provides to keep that annoying bit of hair out of my face. I also don't have two children because my child (L) has big jealousy issues, as evidenced by his attempt, captured on film no less, to knock my nephew (R) off of my lap.

Things were much rosier than I paint them, though, and we all had a great time watching Harry in his new sled. And even though the picture's blurry -- I prefer to think of it as "soft focus" -- we looked like the happy family we were this holiday.

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