Thursday, December 31, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

5:30 to 7 each night, particular weeknights, is Harry's special time with Kevin. It gives me a chance to pull together what I will loosely refer to as "dinner" and get a little transcription done. Daddy Time usually consists of playing in the basement, which includes Kevin's drums, a big couch to climb on, a full set of tiny plastic NFl helmets, and the VCR.

Last night I was cleaning up the kitchen when I heard Kevin's uncontrolled laughter from the basement. Curious but busy, I went on with my activities, and when Kevin and Harry came upstairs, Kevin asked me, "Did you hear me laughing?"

Me: Yeah. What happened?
Kevin: Harry was sitting on my lap and we were watching The Yellow Submarine. I farted, and then he looked at me, got up, and said "poop."
Me: What?
Kevin: I told him that I didn't poop, I just farted, but he pointed at me and said "poop" again.

Then it was my turn for uncontrolled laughter.

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