Thursday, December 03, 2009

Slow Down, Please

Harry is just growing up too fast. Period. He's drinking from a straw, getting up onto chairs himself, and two days ago, as his first cold of the season kicked in, he wiped his own nose.

As documented in the previous post, he's also helping with home improvement projects, but this morning is the real kicker -- Harry dropped his head on my shoulder at 10:00 and said, "Nap." I sat down and started rocking, and a few minutes later I said, "Give your mama a kiss." This is my standard move to gauge his actual tiredness. If he looks at me and laughs, he's not really tired and we're just playing. If he actually gives me a kiss, he's probably tired. If he doesn't respond, well, then he's asleep. This time he gave me a kiss, put his head back down, and started snoring.

How is it possible that Harry is old enough to decide when he needs a nap and verbalize the sentiment? Crazy.


Katrina said...

This is so tender, thanks for sharing. Tell Harry Grandma misses him.

Anonymous said...

Plus he snores - he might even be a middle-aged man!!!;)