Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That Washes Off, Right?

I've actually imagined how I would react when Harry came home with a tattoo. I've never actualy imagined that it would be so soon.

Kristi called this afternoon to ask if she and Lydia could take Harry with them to story time at the library. So Kristi took Harry away while Kevin and I had dinner. Together. At the same time. I cannot remember the last time this happened.

And Kristi brought Harry home with this kind of wicked flaming basketball on his arm. Kevin saw it and, pulling one of his classic verbal flubs, said, "Whoa, is that a permanent tattoo?"

I will give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he meant to ask if it was temporary. Either way, we both agree that Harry looks pretty hard core.


Alison said...

that looks so hard core, I think you should take him to the tattoo parlor and make that permanent! hahaha :)

Max and Mandy said...

Awesome. He almost has a little bicep to match! We missed you at the reunion. I only made it to the Oscar's part, and there we're that many people there. Your blog is so entertaining!