Thursday, April 09, 2009

I Think I Have Time for That

When did changing the roll of toilet paper become such a hardship? I've been buying groceries and household items for a few years now, and the evolution of the "Bath Tissue" aisle has been happening quietly. There has been this slow process whereby rolls became double rolls and now mega rolls, which, if the label is to be believed, are three times larger than standard rolls. Wow, right?

This totally makes me think of those Boniva commercials in which Sally Field kind of gloats that she has just taken her osteoporosis medicine for the whole month! Sucks to be you, Random Middle-Aged Woman, who has to take a pill every. single. week.

Changing the roll takes five seconds, and just because it's three times larger doesn't mean certain people are more apt to replace the roll once they have used the last squares. Can we apply our American know-how and ingenuity to something that might actually make the planet a better place to live? Like - gasp! - a reasonable, practical, affordable alternative to toilet paper that doesn't destroy trees? Just saying.


Wifezilla said...

There is an alternative that doesn't involve paper: a bidet. But given the choice of using soft paper or having water shot at my rear, I choose paper.

Kate said...

Wifezilla, what kind of super-fancy places have you been!?

Frances, did you or did you not let your turtle swim/live in a bidet when you were a kid?

Wifezilla said...

Oh, Nothing Fancy, call me Tamara. All my friends do.

Which is super-fancy, the bidet or the swanky 2-ply toilet paper?