Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank You, Fill In the Blank

Thank you, my little Dell, for holding it together these past seven years to serve my word processing, photo editing, and internet needs.

Thank you, Federal Government, for sending my refund so quickly.

Thank you, computer salesman, for not making me feel like an idiot, and for not laughing when I told you the age and state of my computer.

Thank you, Dad, for coming over today so I could transfer the essentials onto a flash drive, and for taking Harry on laps of the store while I shopped for my new computer.

That's right, Dear Reader: all future posts will be courtesy of my fancy new computer!


Tamara said...

Seven years! Wow. Did you get another Dell or (shudder) a Mac?

Kate said...

I went for an HP this time, and I bought the super anti-virus software. Only problem: my firewall is blocking my internet access!

Tamara said...

This is why I have in-house tech support! :)