Monday, December 29, 2008

Harry Christmas

This was my first Christmas without seeing my extended family AT ALL. Most of my Christmas memories involve, of course, my parents and my sister but usually several members of my extended family, too. I knew things would change once my sister and I were both married, and now both have kids, and it was unrealistic to expect that I would/could still see everyone for the holidays. Hopefully they know that we still think of them and have happy holidays with their growing families, too.

Now that Kevin and I have started our own family, there are going to be new traditions and memories, probably more so when Harry is actually old enough to understand what's going on, or at least open his own presents.

Harry surprised everyone by cutting his third tooth on Christmas Day, maybe explaining why he woke up at 4:30. I thought maybe he was just going to suffer what my mom, grandma, aunt, and myself do, which means waking up incredibly early on Christmas while everyone else wants to sleep until, well, the sun rises. Harry proceeded to fall asleep after breakfast and stockings, and slept through almost all of the present opening. His cousin Lydia got him a book, and his aunt Kristi put his favorite things (squash and prunes) in his stocking. His immediate favorite, however, was Deer Ugly, who actually belongs to me.

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Bria said...

awww, what a sweet picture! Happy (belated) first Christmas Harry!!