Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

Since Harry was born almost three (!) months ago, I've picked up a few tricks and thought I'd share them here, in case there are any other new mamas out there.

1. Nothing gets baby poop out like Shout Advanced spray. (Thanks, Kristi!)

2. Unlike poop, baby spit up is relatively easy to clean: normal laundry routine should suffice. This, of course, only applies to a breastfeeding infant, NOT a solid-food eating toddler. I do not as of yet have any clue what takes out green beans or sweet potatoes.

3. Baby clothes are expensive. Yeah, I know, they seem cheap when you look at the tag and it says $7.99, but realize that a baby will only wear something five to 10 times before growing out of it. My plan is to buy on the clearance rack, which sounds obvious. However, summer clothes go on sale towards the end of summer, so buying Harry shorts in size 3 months, (his current size), doesn't do me a lot of good since the warm weather is coming to an end soon. What I do is buy summer clothes in sizes 12 and 18 months, which is likely the size Harry will be next summer.

4. Be extra nice to friends who have children a year older than yours. I have THREE boxes of clothes in sizes 6 months all the way up to 3T, all from two friends with little boys who are both about two years older than Harry.

5. Buy large items at garage sales. Kevin and I went "shopping" for a high chair this spring before Harry was even born. You have to get out early to find baby stuff, because I'm definitely not the only one with this idea, but spending $20 instead of $80 makes it worthwhile.

6. If you're in the market for a new car once the baby arrives, I totally recommend the Kia Sportage. Kevin and I bought one Fourth of July weekend and love it. The trunk has tons of space: we fit a playpen, two suitcases, two canvas chairs, a ridiculously large stroller, and a fishing pole in with room to spare. The passenger seat folds down and has a hard plastic back, making it the best, most convenient place to change a diaper when away from home. We drove it to a family reunion out of state, so instead of schlepping Harry in his car seat into random McDonald's bathrooms and rest areas, many of which, unbelievably, don't have baby-changing tables, we changed him right where we parked.

See below for obligatory picture of Harry.

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Bria said...

I am totally keeping the advice about Shout Advance spray in the back of my mind for the future!!