Monday, August 04, 2008

Timing Is Everything, Part 2

Oh, if only we'd left an hour earlier this morning! Kevin wouldn't have gone through two dozen baby wipes in a rest area parking lot, and Harry's car seat wouldn't be air-drying in the backyard after a good hosing down once we got home. What happened to Harry's car seat, you ask?Why so many baby wipes? Allow me to explain. . .

We left town Friday after Kevin got home from work, on our way to a family reunion out of state (his mom's side). We planned to drive halfway and get a hotel, and since Harry slept most of the way and we only had to stop once to feed and change him, we made it even further than we had hoped: score! We found a hotel room with a king size bed, so we decided to leave the playpen in the car and let Harry sleep between us in the ginourmous bed.

We arrived at the family reunion on Saturday ahead of schedule, and not only was Harry awake and alert almost the whole time, he was also charming and adorable. He also scored two instant lottery scratchers for having the smallest hands and smallest feet in the family, ending up with $22. I won palest skin, but unfortunately my scratcher was a bust.

After the reunion wound down Kevin and I packed Harry up and took him to meet the other side of Kevin's family, conveniently located 30 miles away. Except for the hard time we had getting him to sleep due to a loud television and paper-thin walls, that visit went well too. We even got up and out at a decent time this morning.

So where did it all go wrong? What could mar this otherwise pleasant car trip? And what happened to the car seat?

A mere 40 miles from home, after five hours in the car during which Harry slept and smiled almost the entire trip, a MAJOR diaper blowout. The diaper blowout to end all diaper blowouts. There are blowouts, and then there's this blowout. This blowout was the stuff of which legends are born.

Poop coming out of the diaper on BOTH sides. Poop covering 25% of Harry's outfit. Poop on the straps of his car seat. Poop on the padding of his car seat. Poop dripping down, out of the car seat and into the base that holds the seat in the car. Oh, the humanity. . .

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