Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Time Flies

Harry is two weeks old, and I actually feel like I know what I'm doing: feeding, changing, comforting. Granted, some things were harder than others, but overall I feel like things in our house are under pretty good control.

I think Harry's apparently even temper and generally pleasant nature have had so much to do with our "success." That, and the emotional support and help around the house that family have provided. My patience has been tried by this adorable, wonderful baby, making me hate to think how I'd react to a colicky, fussy baby on four hours' sleep. And speaking of sleep, sleep deprivation has taken its toll. I've found myself word-finding more than a few times, even blanking on the word "crisis." I also stared dumbly at my mom when she asked for a small casserole dish the other day. I just stood there, staring, waiting for her to say something that made sense to my tired, tired brain.

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frances said...

you capture the most perfectly adorable, living moments of this tiny creature! i haven't seen one bad picture. and to think, you made him all by yourself. well done, you!