Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bathroom Remodel, Update 3

With a working tub, toilet, and sink, the bathroom is almost fully functional. The shower doors won't go in until the drywall is finished and the walls painted, so the basement shower is still working overtime.

We're on hiatus while Mom and Dad ski out west, and it's just as well since Kevin has been in bed for the past two days with what I suspect is the flu. I'm paranoid that I'm going to catch it, (I don't see how I won't, considering I live with the man, pick up most of his coffee mugs from around the house, and share the remote control, phone, and computer mouse), so I've been stalking around the house with Clorox wipes and hydrating myself to an abnormally high degree.

Fortunately we both have doctors' appointments tomorrow, Kevin with the PCP and me with the OB. We both had flu shots this fall, so I'm kind of shocked at how sick Kevin is, so hopefully I'm wrong and it's not the flu. I'm pretty sure Tamiflu is off limits for me right now, and if Kevin is this miserable with decongestants, cough syrup, and Advil, I'd really hate to see how this bug crushes me.

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frances said...

there is something about home improvement projects that makes you an adult like nothing else can. well done!