Monday, December 17, 2007

Goodbye, Anatomy

Ah, finals week. How I have waited for you! While I wish Human Anatomy might go on forever, I am all too ready to be done with EMT training. Perhaps if I actually intended to become an EMT, this class might have proved more interesting and useful. To be fair, I am now incredibly confident in my First Aid and CPR skills. At least once a month, while driving along the highway, I spy an accident and think to myself, with a rush of giddiness mixed with guilt, "If someone's been mildly injured, I could really put these skills to use!" At least I'm prepared for the holidays, and since both sides of the family have children under two, knowing infant CPR probably isn't such a bad idea.

Anatomy has been a weirdly fascinating class. Four months ago I was totally unaware that the skin from one average adult weights nine pounds, and I had no idea that red blood cells had a lifespan of approximately 120 days. I'm not sure any of this is ever going to come in handy, unless of course I'm on Jeopardy!, but Anatomy class was something akin to a slightly morbid game of Trivial Pursuit, which is, I'm sure, the very best kind of Trivial Pursuit.

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