Sunday, September 26, 2010

The New Normal

With 12 credit hours (and 18 actual hours of class), a 2-year-old, and a part-time job, time is precious, and free time is just a memory. I still have the incredible help I've had in semesters past, with childcare and meals provided by Mom and Dad, and parenting and household help from Kevin, who is possibly the best partner I could ask for, but since I was the one who decided to go back to school, I'm trying to make sure most of the burden falls on me. I'm delegating when I can, and sacrificing when I must. There's a fine line, a balance to making sure Harry has all the attention, apples, glasses of milk, and hugs he needs while studying enough to maintain my grades and working hard enough to finish a quality product without literally losing sleep over it.

The only purely selfish commitment I've made is to guarantee a half-hour every week to watch Community. And knit while watching. And possibly make myself a drink. Maybe I don't have enough hands for this plan. . .

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