Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Today Isn't a Full Moon? Seriously?

It has just been one of those days, Dear Reader, and it's only 1:15. Begin the day at 6:15, which is later than usual, but quickly move on to a 15-minute wait on the phone to speak to the pediatrician's office, a near-miss as an idiot in the opposing left-turn lane greatly underestimated how long it would take him to turn in front of me, a screaming toddler in the pediatrician's office, a nurse practitioner we've never seen before scolding me for not giving Harry nasal saline twice daily, two lanes open at the grocery store, the pharmacy tech giving me the stink eye because I didn't check to make sure Harry's prescriptions were indeed faxed to them (Why does the pediatrician fax scripts? So I don't have to go to the pharmacy twice!), forgetting a bag of groceries at the check-out (Thank you, Check-Out Girl, for chasing me to the coin-operated horse), a 15-minute wait at the pharmacy drive-through, a $50 prescription that I may have to buy monthly for Harry's allergies, an exploding yogurt, and Harry vomiting on the kitchen rug.

The bright side: At least he had the decency to throw up on a rug this time instead of the carpet.

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