Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Ears Are Still a Little Foggy

Finding babysitters on short notice (tip of the hat, Mom and Dad) and a quick stop at the ATM made it possible for Kevin and me to have a night out. If you're up to date on Nothing Fancy then you will have guessed, Dear Reader, that we went to check out Brighton, MA last night.

We actually saw Brighton, MA way back when, in the pre-Harry days, when they opened a show for Mason Jennings in Ann Arbor. It was the first show I'd ever gone to where didn't want the opening band's set to end, and when we did the awkward shake-hands-with-the-band-on-the-way-out thing I think I told them as much.

So there Kevin and I are last night, wrists stamped, sitting around listening to a local band, when two members of Brighton, MA drop a suitcase on the table behind ours and start spreading out T-shirts, CDs, and the mailing-list sign up sheet, which we actually signed, lo those many years ago. After a minute's debate, I turned around and introduced myself, told them we'd been at the show in Ann Arbor and really enjoyed it, and were really excited that they were in Kalamazoo. They were very gracious, introduced themselves, asked us about the live music scene in Kalamazoo, etc. All in all, a pleasant five-minute exchange.

Apparently being a friendly face in a sea of 50 people who may not have known about Brighton, MA gets a person some extra attention. Like, for instance, when the lead singer pointed at us towards the end of the show and asked, "Is there anything you guys want to hear?" Pretty cool.

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