Sunday, June 14, 2009


I made a little time this weekend to attend a Knitting In Public event. About a half-dozen of my regular knitting compatriots were there too, as well as about 20 other knitters. The point of today's event was to bring attention to the art and encourage others to try it out. During our three-hour public knitting four people asked to learn and sat down with us, needles and yarn soon pushed into their hands. The event organizers rounded up door prizes, including needles, books, and some really gorgeous yarn: I was totally coveting some bright blue yarn, but alas I did not win anything.

The KIP was at a local coffee/tea/chocolate cafe with a fabulous patio,which we filled to bursting with knitters, overlooking the creek. We ate chocolates and drank tea and drooled over the last cream puff in the dessert case, and pledged that we would return soon with more money and emptier stomachs.

I wish every day of my life involved this picture.


beth pulsipher said...

Love the photo!!!

Glad you had a good time, me too. I ate way too much chocolate and loved every minute of it. Hoping to knit at Chocolatea again . . . hope you can join us.

Desi said...

I wish every day of my life involved this picture as well! It was lovely to see you there. (Didn't realize you had a blog until Beth put the link in Ravelry.)

Kate said...

Of course I have a blog! I may be otherwise technology illiterate, but I'm home 24 hours a day with a 13-month-old: I *must* blog!