Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today is Harry's birthday. This time last year I was lying in a hospital bed eating fruit salad while my parents and Kevin's parents were passing Harry back and forth. Or maybe I was being taken up to my room. Or maybe I was actually holding Harry. It's a little hazy. The only thing I know for sure is that I wasn't sleeping, because I didn't fall asleep that day until late afternoon. I'd been up for more than 36 hours since I went into labor at my usual bedtime and was awake all night, waiting for the anesthesiologist with her magic epidural.

But I digress. Harry is one year old today, and it's unreal. He's sleeping through the night, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and animal crackers, giving high-fives, and walking. He has different games and jokes for different people. He bites and blows kisses on people foolish enough to expose their stomachs to him. He has inexplicably begun to take two-hour naps in the morning, and while I'm definitely not complaining I'd love to know why it's happening all of a sudden. My list of things to look forward to in Harry's second year is, of course, prohibitively long, so I'll give you three: swimming lessons, front-facing car seat, and hearing him say "mama" and mean it - not just gibberish.


Tamara said...

Happy birthday, Harry!

(Biting? Ouch.)

Max and Mandy said...

Happy Birthday, Harry and congrats to you two for taking such good care of this little guy for his first year. Bravo!