Monday, May 04, 2009

Am I Too Old to Run Away from Home?

In the past six weeks we've replaced a washer that didn't wash but did leave weird stains on our clothes, a dryer that required more than 120 minutes to dry a medium load of T-shirts and underwear, and a computer that didn't have enough memory to run an internet browser and photo-editing software at the same time. Now we have a roof that doesn't keep rain out of our garage and a dishwasher that quite literally died in my arms tonight after dinner. The washer and dryer were kind of fun to replace because they're new and shiny (and black!) and were paid for with our tax refund, and getting a new computer was easy to validate because I use it for work 85% of the time. The roof is just too expensive to contemplate, and the dishwasher pisses me off because I really didn't see it coming. At this point I think it might just be cheaper to move. So, since moving isn't really an option, I'm thinking about running away.

When was the last time you felt like running away from home?

ETA: Kevin came home with the dishwasher and it is DENTED.

We are now three for three dent-wise when buying appliances from Lowe's. I wasn't going to call them out on my blog, but I think it's about time. This thing came in a cardboard box that was braced with lumber and cushioned with foam. Oddly enough, neither box nor foam showed any signs of distress, which makes me think Frigidaire packaged up an-already damaged product or Lowe's really is out to get me.

And no, this is not how I wanted to spend my day: Crappy Anniversary, Kevin!

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Tamara said...

You should totally run away. You could start a new life has Shmate Thoren, riding the rails and being an outlaw.

To answer your question, I feel like running away every time my husband's crazy alcoholic step-sister calls. She doesn't understand the concept of voicemail. She'll drunk dial, leave a VM, call again ten minutes later, leave a VM, again and again and again until we both have at least four VMs on each of our phones, all with progressively drunker messages. Oddly enough, this behavior makes us much less likely to actually call her back.