Monday, December 08, 2008

One Week Later. . .

. . . and Harry has been successfully sleeping through the night again. The only word to describe this is "relief." Monday night, our first night of letting him cry while checking on him every five minutes for whispered praise and gentle touch, was kind of rough, but since then he's fallen asleep within 10 minutes every night. His naps are going much more smoothly, too, and this has made it a lot easier for me to get some transcription done during the day.

My only nagging worry is that Harry now only sleeps on his stomach. This makes me incredibly nervous as he's only six months old and "Back to Sleep" has been drilled into my head by doctors, nurses, authors, et cetera. Kevin says reassuring things, specifically that if Harry is strong enough to roll ON to his belly, he's also strong enough to roll BACK if necessary. I tried to have faith in this but found myself sneaking into Harry's room three times the first night to make sure he was still breathing. And I don't care if Kevin (or anyone else) wants to make fun of me for it.

The new bedtime routine for Harry is also leaving Kevin and me with about two hours every night to finally take some time for ourselves. Some nights we watch TV together, some nights I work, and on really good nights I am finally knitting again. I finished a pair of socks last night, which I am embarrassed to admit I started in April. I'm also kind of proud because I designed the pattern myself. It's kind of simple, but that's okay because I'm only kind of proud.


Brenda said...

Hi Kate!

Congrats on Harry and your new family life! :-)

If you're concerned about Harry's sleeping on his stomach, have you started running a fan in his room when he sleeps? It need not be blowing on him, but several artiicles I've read lately have strongly suggested this to help move and change the air. All were written with the "Back to Sleep" campaign in mind.

Give our love to Kevin and Harry and say hi to your parents for us.

As always,

Jill's mom

Kate said...

Hi! Good to hear from you, and thanks for the advice. We haven't tried anything other than me peeking in as often as I need to and kind of "tugging" him back towards the middle of the crib after he's wiggled himself to sleep.

Happy Holidays, and I'll pass along your greetings to my parents!