Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lost In Translation

Kevin's cousin Laura wins the prize for longest-distance baby present: Japan! (She also wins most belated baby present, but, again: Japan.) The box included a beach towel with sea creatures on it with their names written below in Japanese and "Friends In Sea Friends In Sea" written exactly like this at the top and bottom. The repetition reminded me that TV commercials are often aired twice, back to back, in Japan, but I wonder if this is real or something I picked up from The Simpsons. There was also a washcloth with cartoon bugs on it, and then there was this:

Kevin and I are guessing it's a toy box, and we're also guessing that "shinkansen" means "train." We're storing diapers in it for the time being but are anxious to use it correctly in the future. So, my friends who know Japanese, did we guess right?

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