Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good Laughs

Bubba Ho-Tep What if Elvis hadn't left the building? And the building was a rest home? And that rest home was bedeviled by a mummy?
Clerks All the funnier for those of us who have worked at video stores and/or markets.
The Full Monty Unemployed, working-class Brits decide to bare all in a plan to get rich quick.
Hot Fuzz London's top cop begrudgingly transfers to a quiet village with a sinister secret.
History of the World: Part I Mel. Brooks. Period.
Kingpin Amish bowling prodigy teams up with one-handed con man. Hilarity, naturally, ensues.
Office Space Ever worked in a cubicle? Yeah, me too.
Shaun of the Dead Amazingly hilarious yet incredibly gory zombie movie.
Super Troopers Slacker highway patrol cops fight to save their obsolete station. The first scene makes it worth watching.

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